Following the major success of last year, the Construction Industry Council will launch its 2019 CIC Conference scheduled for June 13, 14 and 15 at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva.

With 370 delegates, with limited accommodation, an untested trade show, and a conference site off the beaten path, the results were not only gratifying but a strong indication of the importance of the event.

Mr. Jenkins said that with the GPH as the conference site there would be little trouble for delegates to find accommodation.

“We have emphasized to those attending that we are not involved in accommodation, that delegates must make their own way. But we are sure that they will,” said Mr. Jenkins.

The conference is expecting 400 delegates and has priced its registration fee at $500.

A registration form is included below for interested Members.

“Last year’s fee was $300 but with a final dinner, two tea breaks, two luncheons, as well as a cocktail reception, it barely covered costs.

A major feature of this year’s conference is the trade show under tent.

“Located directly adjacent to the conference centre in the GPH parking lot, there will by 24 exhibitors with a major difference: last year it was only open to delegates. This year we will be welcoming anyone in the community. This provides an added opportunity for everyone to participate and experience construction industry developments.

Mr. Jenkins said that the programme was now in the process of being finalized but there would be certain features that have already been included in the schedule.

“Following last year’s conference we appointed nine task groups to address the resolutions endorsed by the delegates. We will review the progress of these groups in the conference.