Members of the public are being encouraged to make written submissions to the task groups organised by the Construction Industry Council. A statement from the council yesterday said nine separate task groups had been organised to review and recommend actions to be taken on resolutions proposed by its 370 delegates at the conclusion of the CIC conference last June.

CIC president Gordon Jenkins said the task groups were made up of leaders in the community that not only include construction, but Government, education as well as lawyers and those from statutory bodies.

“All the group members are leaders in their various disciplines and all of them are volunteers.

“The groups will continue until they are comfortable that their findings can be implemented. “There is no time line on their investigations,” said Mr Jenkins.

“Presently there is no licensing required for the building trade on small to medium projects, which means anyone can claim to be a builder without the expertise required,” he said.

CIC licensing task group chairman Shane Harris said it was a main goal to develop a process in which a licensing platform could be introduced into the country improving building standards and protection from sub standard materials.

The first meeting of the task group was held in Suva on Wednesday on licensing reviewed the way forward to introduce licensing into the building trade.

Meanwhile Mr Jenkins said the task groups would continue their meetings until they were comfortable that their findings could be implemented however confirmed there was no time line on their investigations.

But because of the overall scope of the reviews, the chairmen are asking that these submissions arrive no later than October 1.

They can be sent to [email protected]

The task groups and their chairmen are:

  1. Education: Vijay Naidu (Properties Manager)
  2. Licensing: Shane Harris (Professional Engineer)
  3. Insurance: Sarah Jane-Wild (Insurance)
  4. Cyclone Certificate: Sarah Jane-Wild (Insurance)
  5. Building Code Review: Steve Hallacy (Project Standards: Warren Yee (Engineer)
  6. Fiji Contract: Stuart Huggett (Architect)
  7. Occupational Health & Safety: Ravindra Pillay (Engineer)
  8. Authority Approvals: Adish Naidu (Architect)
  9. Dispute Resolution: Ron Rova (Quantity Surveyor).